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Thu Dec 18 18:24:53 CET 2008

> I opted for the G1, partly for the reasons you've given, but mainly because
> it turned out to be available as a free upgrade from my old handset. I can't
> say I'm terribly happy with it. I haven't had my hands on a Freerunner yet
> for comparison, but depending upon what you want to do with your phone, you
> may find that the Freerunner gets there first, or has already got there.

Is the G1 having problems calling, sending/receiving sms or sound issues?

>> If anyone in the Netherlands is interested in buying my Freerunner please
>> contact me. I'm not a good advocate for the movement anymore, it will
>> probably will be better if someone with a fresh attitude owns it.
> Based on my experience owning a G1, I'd suggest you try out whatever phone
> you're planning to use instead before you ditch your Freerunner. Also look
> at the forums, etc, to see some of the issues people are having. There's no
> perfect phone out there at the moment.

Not looking for a perfect phone, but the basic stuff should be working.
Nobody showed up to buy my phone yet, so I might try some images in a few
days. I think I will try hackable:1and SHR.
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