No more optimization team

"Bernd (Jesus McCloud) Prünster" bernd.pruenster at
Thu Dec 18 19:34:14 CET 2008

Gothnet schrieb:
> Olivier Migeot wrote:
>> Community, you have this Openmoko company who is still working on
>> their product some months after it's been released. Granted, the first
>> release was nowhere near astounding. But in closed world developement,
>> who could claim such dedication? ;) 
> In a closed world OM would have been panned, the devices returned and
> probably have been forced out of business by now.
> Openness is great. FOSS is great. Working base functionality is more
> important though. After trying to live with the freerunner and OM2008 for a
> month I bought another phone. My FR is also doing a good impression of a
> brick most of the time.
Maybe i'm teh luckiest guy in the universe, but i've been using my fr as 
a daily phone without problems (i am always reachable, i don't even know 
what wsod is, echo is there, but barely noticable, no buzz, te testing 
image is *FAST*)
there are some issues (e.g. i don't like the qpe apps), but the basics 
are working RELIABLY.
the antenna the put into the pill is awesome: i am the only person at 
the pub, who has reception (which is not always a good thing, becaus 
there are so many annoying folks out there who keep stealing my time).

i am using the testing image (but i also have a backed up 2008.9 which 
is working perfectly, but slower than the testing, which is why i 
switched to testing)

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