Black SOD for a change

Micha? Brzozowski rusolis at
Thu Dec 18 21:16:11 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> | I suggest you compile the kernel as well as relevant modules
> | yourself. Or ask Andy to update his private directory. :)
> I am sitting on another update to power management stuff from Ben Dooks
> locally the last week until I can confirm it didn't do to GTA02 resume
> what the last update did.  Since I am in the hellworld of trying to get
> GTA03 resume working it might not happen immediately.
> -Andy
I noticed a fresh kernel in your directory, so I flashed it.  It seems 
to resume, which is nice, but after suspending and resuming once, there 
is noise on the screen, the bad TV antenna sort.  Subsequent 
suspends/resumes don't help.  Rebooting helps.

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