[FDOM] Noob questions on FDOM

B bburdette at comcast.net
Fri Dec 19 00:35:02 CET 2008

So I had 2008.8 loaded and ran the FDOMizer script.  It seemed to work 
fine, and the phone boots fine.  But I do have a few questions.

- On boot, the GUI is enlightenment.  The wiki lists FDOM as a 'finger 
friendly' distro, but enlightenment is pretty much stylus only.  Is this 
normal for FDOM?

- When I use a web browser, there is no way to type anything into the 
text box to enter an URL.  How do you bring up the text entry keyboard 
in enlightenment?

- Is there a way to see what apps are available and download them from a 
repository, or are you supposed to use opkg in the terminal?  I'm not 
seeing a 'graphical' way to do this as in 2008.8.

- I can go to Applications->Office->Dialer to bring up the dialer.  But 
in 2008.8 there was an 'options' button at the bottom of the dialer, 
where you could switch to speakerphone.  The 'options' and 'back' 
buttons are missing when I run dialer now from enlightenment.


Ben B.

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