OpenMooCow 0.3

Thomas White taw27 at
Fri Dec 19 02:19:05 CET 2008

OpenMooCow 0.3 is now available:

Changes since version 0.2 are:

- My finest "programmer art" has been banished to a suitable place,
namely the fiery depths of Hades.  It's been replaced with some much
better graphics from  It's a public domain image, but I
thought I'd give a credit to user "bsantos" who created the picture.

- Disables the accelerometer threshold while it's running.  This makes
the cow a lot more responsive.  Your old threshold will be restored
on exit, unless the threshold value has been changed from zero since
MooCow started, in which case it won't restore the old one.

- Ready for kernel 2.6.28 - aware of the new sysfs paths.

- Thinkpad HDAPS support from Joachim Breitner has been merged in.

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