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2008/12/19 Thomas White <taw27 at>

> OpenMooCow 0.3 is now available:
> Changes since version 0.2 are:
> - My finest "programmer art" has been banished to a suitable place,
> namely the fiery depths of Hades.  It's been replaced with some much
> better graphics from  It's a public domain image, but I
> thought I'd give a credit to user "bsantos" who created the picture.
> - Disables the accelerometer threshold while it's running.  This makes
> the cow a lot more responsive.  Your old threshold will be restored
> on exit, unless the threshold value has been changed from zero since
> MooCow started, in which case it won't restore the old one.
> - Ready for kernel 2.6.28 - aware of the new sysfs paths.
> - Thinkpad HDAPS support from Joachim Breitner has been merged in.
> Comments or abuse to this address.
> Tom
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Thanks for the graphics improvement ;-), I think it was necessary.
Works fine on SHR, just one thing I have to change the .desktop and add a
category (for example "Applications"), in order to have the shortcut


Harald "Zophon" Zophoniasson
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