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Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Fri Dec 19 11:52:32 CET 2008

Joel Newkirk wrote:

> Unfortunately there are also those in technical areas who are prohibited
> from having a camera in the workplace.  There are other situations where
> it's prohibited (at least in my experience) like courthouses.  
> It's one of those pretty clear-cut "you'll never please everyone"
> situations.  Both wishes (with/without) are valid with good reasons behind
> them, but clearly a single device can't deliver both.  (without a removable
> cam, which would then be the pro/anti removable conflict ;)

Seems a camera will be ok with most people, as long as it doesn't drive
up the price too much. I'd rather have more/faster memory and flash for 
the money, but that's just me.

A modular camera may be too expensice, but how about a "user removeable"
one? Simplify production by having a more cumbersome camera removal
procedure, such as:

* remove the case completely (camera held in place by the case)
* carefully pull camera wiring out of internal connector(s)
   Hardware hackers might want to plug their own stuff in, a camera
   leaves behind a connection with nice bandwith. And it is documented...
* make a plug for the camera hole out of some flat material,
   a template can be downloaded from the website. Or make a custom case.
* put the case together without the camera component.

De-soldering should be avoided, it is too easy to wreck it all.

Helge Hafting

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