Freerunner and video telephony?

Benjamin Schmidt lists.schmidi2 at
Fri Dec 19 11:57:20 CET 2008

joakim at wrote:
> The next quarter I have use for a simple mobile video application.
> Ideally it should be a sip client running on the Freerunner with a
> webcam. (The Freerunner will also control some servos via usb)
> What image size and framerate can I expect?
> The video quality sent from the freerunner is more important than the
> video quality displayed on the freerunner screen. Voice quality is more
> important than video.
> Data transfer would happen over wifi.

It seems so that nobody tried this before. I only heard some time ago 
that watching some MPEG movie does work nicely.

Still you have to try it out. Best would be if you use an SIP client 
like ekiga, which is already available for arm processors.

For another SIP client which is maybe cool, but has to be compiled first 
for arm.

Let us know your experiences.

Best regards,
Benjamin Schmidt

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