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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green schrieb:
|> Somebody in the thread at some point said: | Hello there, | | i
|> don't know, what's wrong, but i had just in the beginning some |
|> failures like | | tar: cannot create directory 'device/bus':
|> Read-only file system | | this is created for every folder; input,
|> bus etc.. so it's normal that | the system couldn't start. but why
|> it is a read only file system? i | maked from my other system to
|> the memorycard a mkfs.ext3 . ext3 isn't | read only i think?
|> If this is on a host with uSD -> full size SD adapter, these
|> adapters have a little slider that can be used to disable writes to
|> the SD Card, they are easy to knock.
|> Also if your filesystem is corrupted it can decide to fail
|> gracefully by becoming read-only.
|> But I have managed to knock that little slider so many times I used
|> some pliers to pinch the plastic so it can no longer move.
|> -Andy
| it's a normal micro-sd in my moko, i didn't found a slider..
| with my last system, it works (om 2008.9, your/andys kernel), but with
| om 2008.12 it didn't.. i couldn't belive it that 2008.12 make the fs

Aah didn't I read that this new rootfs does not remount / -orw... as a
workaround you aren't meant to use ro on the kernel commandline...
that'll be it then.

- -Andy
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