New 2008.12 Release

Giorgio Marci ledzgio at
Fri Dec 19 12:30:36 CET 2008

 This new distribution is pretty usable but i have a problem. I want to
use the qtopia light and power for managing the power.

I've installed the package, started the application from shell but it
doesn't work! it can't manage the power, if i change some value light
brithness or suspend time..all remains the same! how can i fix?

have i to change some configuration file to tell the OM to use the qtopia
power management?

thanks a lot

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  Citando KaZeR :
  > Pro :
  > - OMG fast boot time (press power for 8 seconds (boring, why so
  > start stopwatch at first line of text. Time to desktop : 38s!
  Strange, I have an OM2008.9 fully updated with "testing" and my
  time is 30 seconds more than that... anyone can explain this?

  > - Phone goes to suspend even if you have usb connected. So, you
  loose the
  > network connection.
  But that has always been like that, right?

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