[Debian] Wlan and suspend/resume

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 13:00:01 CET 2008

I build a little script which logs important status information to a
text file immediatly before i suspend and after i resume. I wrote it to
have some information about how much capacity of the battery is drained
while in suspend. Therefore i log the current capacity of the battery
(in %) and which hardware modules are switched on/off (gsm, gps,
bluetooth, wlan).

I read the state of all modules from sysfs.

The output of my script looks like this:
2008-12-18_14:13:20 suspend: bat=94 gsm=1 wlan=? gps=0 bt=0
2008-12-18_19:15:45 resume: bat=88 gsm=1 wlan=? gps=0 bt=0
2008-12-19_01:33:00 suspend: bat=72 gsm=0 wlan=? gps=0 bt=0
2008-12-19_11:11:57 resume: bat=24 gsm=0 wlan=? gps=0 bt=0

My problem now is, that i can't find any suitable file for wlan. I only
want to know if wlan is fully activated or deactivated/suspended in
respect to power consumption.
If there is more than one power state for the wlan module i want to log
the exact state instead of 0/1, but where to get it?

And another problem i have is that after the last ~10 hour
suspend/resume cycle the process "events/0" consumes ~25% cpu power
constantly. I don't know what to do against this problem and at last i
had to reboot to get it back to normal.


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