New 2008.12 Release

KaZeR kazer at
Fri Dec 19 13:09:46 CET 2008


> -----Message d'origine-----
> Strange, I have an OM2008.9 fully updated with "testing" and 
> my bootup time is 30 seconds more than that... anyone can 
> explain this?
I have double checked: 39s 
Note that i'm talking of time to destktop, at that point for example gsm
hasn't registered to network.
It's the faster i have seen on FR currently.
Maybe it's partly because (thanks to ;) ) QI?

Yesterday's FSO M4 was awfully slow to boot, something like 150s iirc..

> > - Phone goes to suspend even if you have usb connected. So, 
> you loose 
> > the network connection.
> But that has always been like that, right?

Possible, i haven't used OM that much, for various reasons.
In other distros this behavior is different, and i personnaly find it more

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