[debian] enlightenment has no png loader?

Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 19 13:20:41 CET 2008

Am Thursday 18 December 2008 23:44:57 schrieb Neil Jerram:
> I noticed that there are now e17 packages in debian unstable, and that
> these include -dbg packages.  Since my current e17 (from the
> enlightenment-all-in-one deb that someone put together) always SEGV's
> on startup, and since Raster has asked for backtrace with symbols when
> that happens, I thought I'd uninstall enlightenment-all-in-one and try
> the new Debian packages instead.
> But now, enlightenment_start bails with:
> ...
> ESTART: 1.49197 [0.75791] - test file format support
> <<<< Enlightenment Error >>>>
> Enlightenment found Evas can't load PNG files. Check Evas has PNG
> loader support.
> (full output attached).
> From googling, it looks like I'm missing a package with name like
> evas-loader-png, which doesn't appear to be available in Debian yet,
> and I guess I just need to wait a bit longer for the packages to get
> to that.
> Is that all correct?  Or is there another problem / solution here?
> Thanks,
>       Neil

I have installed e17 completely from experimental, I suggest installing it 
completely from there - theres no evas-loader-* or evas-saver-* package at 
all on my system. E17 itself runs (great performance although in software 
mode, holy raster!), but the taskbar (or whatever it's called in e) doesn't 
show open windows... There were some other things I noticed, but don't 
remember now. :)


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