Performance Issues using Neo wifi and WPA2

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Dec 19 16:25:58 CET 2008

On Friday 19 December 2008, john dowd wrote:
> I have a Neo freerunner running the 2008.9 load. I have it configured
> to connect using Wifi to my access point using WPA2 encryption. I do
> NOT have a SIMM card in my phone.
> I have managed to make a connection to the PBX sitting on the other
> side of the Access Point. However, the audio that I'm getting is so
> badly broken that it's incomprehensible. I have seen the CPU
> utilization going to 78% using top (not a good way to measure I know).
> What I'm wondering is, does the Neo have the horsepower to be able to
> do this? Is this just an optimization problem that can be addressed or
> am I pushing the phone beyond it's ability.
> Cheers!!

I have made SIP calls using the linphone CLI over wifi with WPA-TKIP and the 
audio quality was fine. I don't recall which codec it was using, but the 
Freerunner is certainly capable of making high quality SIP calls over 
encrypted wifi.

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