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Fri Dec 19 16:51:52 CET 2008

2008/12/19 KaZeR <kazer at>:
>> On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 19:13:07 +0000
>> Samuel Pereira <email at> (SP) wrote:
>> >Hi,
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>> >Can you add any destination on navit?
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>> >Thanks,
>> >Samuel
>> With the new version: click anywhere you want to go to on the
>> map, this will bring up menu, choose Actions and then you
>> will see the coordinates of the selected point. Click on it
>> and choose from: Set as destination, Set as position, Add as
>> bookmark, POIs (you can also see the name of the street or of
>> the selected element). You want to choose Set as destination.
> If you have searchable OSM maps, or M&G maps, you can also :
> - touch scren
> - touch action
> - touch town
> Now you are able to search for a town.
> You should have the country flag in the upper left corner. If you have a
> cross (meaning your country isn't auto-detected) or if you have the wrong
> country, touch the flag and you'll be able to search for a country.
> Once you have a town, touching it will bring a submenu (destination, view on
> map, search street).
> If you touch the green tick on the upper right corner, it will bring you
> directly to the street search.
> Hope this helps!

Is navigation only available with the prebuilt OSM binary map data for
Navit?  I have one of the prebuilt planet.bin files and I can
successfully (well, somewhat) search for towns, etc.  However, I also
downloaded 2 other smaller binary maps files from and there seems to be no
searchable town data in those files, or at least Navit doesn't find
any when I try to search a town.  The only one it finds is some place
called "Matei" when I enter an M.

Sorry if this is somewhere on the Navit site, I ddin't see it.



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