Performance Issues using Neo wifi and WPA2

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Fri Dec 19 17:07:32 CET 2008

john dowd wrote:
> I have a Neo freerunner running the 2008.9 load. I have it configured
> to connect using Wifi to my access point using WPA2 encryption. I do
> NOT have a SIMM card in my phone.
> I have managed to make a connection to the PBX sitting on the other
> side of the Access Point. However, the audio that I'm getting is so
> badly broken that it's incomprehensible. I have seen the CPU
> utilization going to 78% using top (not a good way to measure I know).
> What I'm wondering is, does the Neo have the horsepower to be able to
> do this? Is this just an optimization problem that can be addressed or
> am I pushing the phone beyond it's ability.

First, renice the process/processes involved to -15 or so.

The same thing applies to music playing software: pythm+mplayer
hickups whenever I touch the screen, unless I arrange to
renice mplayer. (A setting in /etc/pythm.conf) Renice to -15,
and the sound is fine all the time. Most other stuff runs at 0,
with some processes at -5 or -10. -15 is therefore above everything else.

If your process needs 78% or so then it is very likely necessary to 
renice. mplayer used 40%-50% of the cpu for playing .ogg files, and 
definitely needed renicing.

If this doesn't help, check that the wireless network isn't
overloaded. You get the same problems if you don't get
enough bandwith for your call. And be careful with using the net for
anything else at the same time.

Helge Hafting

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