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Nathan Kinkade nath at
Fri Dec 19 17:55:50 CET 2008

2008/12/19 KaZeR <kazer at>:
>> Is navigation only available with the prebuilt OSM binary map
>> data for Navit?  I have one of the prebuilt planet.bin files
>> and I can successfully (well, somewhat) search for towns,
>> etc.  However, I also downloaded 2 other smaller binary maps
>> files from and there
>> seems to be no searchable town data in those files, or at
>> least Navit doesn't find any when I try to search a town.
>> The only one it finds is some place called "Matei" when I enter an M.
>> Sorry if this is somewhere on the Navit site, I ddin't see it.
> Don't worry, documentation needs a big cleanup and expand :)
> In what countries are those maps?

I have 3 binary-type map files.  The planet map files is from Sept.
28, 2008 (planet-080928.bin).  I downloaded it from a few months ago.  The other two maps I
downloaded just a few days ago using the "Planet extract" tool at   For one of them I made a
box around the entire United States, and for the other I made a box
around the entire state of Florida (U.S.).

The prebuilt planet file seems to have searchable city/street data,
but the two I downloaded via the Planet Extract tool don't seem to
have any searchable data.  There are two reasons that I really want to
reduce the size of the map files.  First, searching is somewhat slow
for the entire planet. :-)  Second, since the search results for the
data don't indicate state/district, I may get dozens of towns by the
same name and have no way of knowing which state it's in.  The "view
on map" option, besides being tedious, doesn't seem to work as I would
expect.  It shows the map for a few seconds then returns to the main
map and I have to start all over again, and the map it did show for a
few seconds was at a zoom-level at which I couldn't tell what I was
looking at.



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