Graphical text editor ?

Davide Scaini dscaini at
Sat Dec 20 13:56:42 CET 2008

try leafpad... i guess it may be perfect...

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 1:26 PM, Sam Kuper <sam.kuper at> wrote:

> 2008/12/20 kimaidou <kimaidou at>:
> > Thanks for your reply. I am currently using SHR, and a opkg update + opkg
> > install gvim did not work. Where can I find the gvim package please ?
> Hmm, I don't have a Freerunner myself (yet), but I do use Debian on
> other machines. It's definitely possible to get gvim in Debian.[1]
> I guess if you want to use it in a distro that doesn't have a package
> for it, it looks like you'd have to do some manual config/installation
> that I haven't tried, so perhaps other people would be better placed
> to offer advice on that front.[2]
> [1]
> [2]
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