[debian/fso] Re: starting kde on debian

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sat Dec 20 19:58:25 CET 2008

please, prefix _very_ posting with name of the ditribution, you are using  
-- make it people easy to help you!
additionally, the best way to get support for debian at fr would be the  
smartphones-lists instead.

> Since zhone does not appear on my FR with debian I have installed kde.
> question now is how do I change X to start up kde instead of zhone.

installing kde, just because zhone does not start is ... strange.
for a device so limited kde is rather an overkill -- and it will certainly  
not help you, to explore the phone facilities!

if zhone does not start, the first thing is, to log in via ssh and start  
zhone manually doing
DISPLAY=:0 zhone
this should give some usefull output you could post here.
most certainly you are bitten by a bug that seems not yet to be properly  
addressed: cython and python-evas of debian/sid does not play well  
together, the packages are available either in any debian repos
respectively (just be carefully they don't get overwritten by any update  
or reinstall those packages afterwards until the bug is fixed).

next thing: please read the debian freerunner wiki and the arcihves  
thoroughly, there are several postings or articles explaining what to do  
when installing a real desktop manager like xfce and that you should use  
nodm as [k|x|g]dm replacement.

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