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Ian darkstarsword at
Sun Dec 21 08:22:04 CET 2008

> 6 sec to press power should be improved imho -- there is no need for it
> to be more than 3 sec (enough time imho to differ between Power->AUx, or
> AUX -> Power presses to get into different UBoots)

I agree, though I would argue that there is absolutely no reason to
have it any longer than 1 second - that's easily long enough that it
won't turn on accidentally and short enough that no one would get
pissed off at it:

1 second - ok
2 seconds - tolerable
3 seconds - barely tolerable
4 seconds - hmmm, is my battery dead?
5 seconds - ok, this is rediculous
6 seconds - my finger is getting sore
7 seconds - dude, WTF???
8 seconds - about bloody time!

Then there's the matter that if you release the power button the
moment the AUX LED blinks it doesn't turn on (has to be held down for
another second or so until the splash screen appears), which makes no
sense at all - if feedback is provided that the device is about to
turn on then it bloody well should turn on!

I honestly wonder if OM has hired or at least consulted with a human
interfaces expert, because it certainly doesn't feel like they have.
Well, at least they finally added a volume control I suppose...

My 2c of annoyances (I still have several dollars of annoyances left)
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