Stylus/finger based innovative input

Yogiz yogizz at
Sun Dec 21 16:30:38 CET 2008

Here's something that I found in my RSS feed:

I found all three projects interesting and thought whether they would
connect to the freerunner as well.

While the first one would not come in too handy as freerunner
touchscreen does not sense strength of pressure, the other two could
provide some interesting solutions, particularly the second one.

Display bridging drags could be used for quickly connecting freerunners
with other freerunners or tablet laptops and share files and give
presentations rather painlessly.

The rolling interface could other provide ideas for hardware
modifications (attaching sensors to stylus for roll input connected to
freerunner via blueooth for example) or why not do it the other way,
keeping finger/stylus in place while moving freerunner underneath

What do you think?


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