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Sun Dec 21 21:47:16 CET 2008

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 10:44 PM, Ilja O. <vrghost at> wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 10:22 PM, Lech Karol Pawłaszek <ike at>wrote:
>> Bernd (Jesus McCloud) Prünster wrote:
>> [...]
>> > Not that i think it has much to do with your error, but you do know how
>> > windows handles ssh?
>> > (the answer is: not at all, because windows doesn't know ssh or anything
>> > alse that is absolutely fundemantal regarding networking, so you have to
>> > use puTTY, although, the program should at least start..)
>> > i goint to try it out tomorrow under vista and under debian
>> The program uses paramiko library so one doesn't need ssh client binary.
>> om-manager is nice. I was about to write something similar - like a
>> "host computer utility" in python (but using Tkinter instead of wx)
>> which connects to Freerunner and executes commands however "mine" was
>> intended to mimic Debian's reportbug utility. Right now we have so many
>> distributions, bootloaders and kernels that sometimes it's hard to
>> reproduce the environment. I'm thinking about automation of gathering
>> informations about a bug process. `uname -a`, `opkg list_installed` `cat
>> /sys/magic/something`. If you don't mind Ilja I'll try to use your
>> om-manager as a base for my work.
>> As I see om-manager is plugins-capable so I hope all I want to achieve
>> will be only a plugin for your program.
>> ;-) Well. That's just a plan for Christmas holidays...
> I would be happy to see anyone contributing. As far as I can see,
> "LogRetreiver" plugin could be nice basis for developing such functionality
> (currently it acquires verious log files/outputs. such as dmesg and
> /var/log/syslog).
> Feel free to contact me for any kind of help or support (and inclusion of
> you into project itself).

In fact, I'll really look forward to you questions. It would allow me to
start writing developer documentation (I haven't done it until now and hence
have hard time imagining what should be written and what could be omitted.
Since I'm not capable writing everything)
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