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Mon Dec 22 09:01:14 CET 2008

Dear Minh

Please give me about a week to reply to these questions. I'm going to be 
traveling a lot starting tonight so things will be very hectic for a while.

I appreciate all your work to collect / organize such great topics.


Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Dear Sean,
>   I received a great number of responses, most containing 3-10 questions. So I 
> cheated a bit, and in this selection of 10 points most are actually multiple 
> questions.
> Q1. The end of the year is a time to look back on the year achievements.
> So where does Openmoko stands now from a business point of view ?
> Could you comment on sustainability, on sales numbers, on geographic markets
> and customer categories ?
> Q2. The god of January has two faces, one looking back and one looking 
> forward, so...
> Juergen, Eric in Japan and practically everybody else
> want to know when will the GTA03 phone be released,
> if it will have 3G/3.5G, a camera and the kitchen sink.
> Can you tell us anything yet ? Where do you want Openmoko to be in December 
> 2009 ?
> Q3. The mandatory dogfood question was submitted by Yorik Moko:
> "Do you use the FreeRunner as your daily phone, which distro
> and what is your favorite application ?"
> Q4. Todd would like to know exactly what are your feelings about Android
> and its impact on the OpenMoko OS.
> Q5. Kosa and Marco wondered if you could say us something about the management 
> that doesn't seem
> to be loved by great hackers like Harald and Carsten. For example, what is 
> your analysis of
> the controversies that led Om2008 to ship with Qtopia's predictive keyboard.
> Q6. There are many Openmoko communities in languages other than English now.
> Swap38 asks how can they best contribute back to the project,
> and if there are plans to organize the diversity around a common model,
> as did for example. What is the status of the 
> internationalization
> and localization effort ?
> Q7. Let's be reflexive, kind of "we have to talk about our relationship, 
> dear".
> Tilman, supported by Michelle, wonders to which extend the community has met 
> your expectations.
> More precisely, could you name an area where it did not, perhaps
> like an application that you would have expected be written already ?
> Q8. On the other hand, Tim and others would like to know 
> the most interesting or fun thing you have seen the Freerunner used for ?
> Q9. And where do you think could any person do the most for the project right 
> now? Think of if that person would be ideal and have all the skills needed.
> And then, which skills are in most need right now and in the future?
> Q10. To conclude, can we have a video of you in Openmoko T-shirt and geek-cap,
> having a phone chat with star hackers, using Neo FreeRunners at both ends,
> telling each other your favourite Freerunner joke ? Please ?
> Thanks everybody for taking the time to ask these questions,
> and thanks if advance for your replies,
> Minh
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