[OM 2008.12] Enlightenment Drop Shadow Performance

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Mon Dec 22 10:53:53 CET 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) ha scritto:
>>> Billk
>> I've seen Enlightenment running between 18% and 30% most of the time
>> lately, with SHR.  And I just discovered I am able to drop it to 3%-5% and
>> bring it back through a single change:  I've been tweaking some Oxygen
>> icons and using them under SHR -  256x256 png versions.  (Why?  Well, I
>> like my icons big, but I hate them pixellated)  Anyway, changing from the
>> 256x256 Oxygen icons to the 86x86 SHR icons dropped me from 30% to 5%,
>> restoring the big Oxy's brought me right back to 30%.
> icons include battery too?

Hi! Same problem here with a fresh installed (onto SD card) SHR 
(snapshot of 16 December w/ kernel of 14 December).
Enlightenment takes 40-60% CPU but I was not able to find a solutions, 
will try this icon trick and let you know.

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