No dropbear in om2008.12 ?

Giorgio Marciano ledzgio at
Mon Dec 22 14:04:28 CET 2008

 I'm using OM2008.12 with no problems: networking and SSH works well.

I had some problems the first time to install the terminal! Why they
don't include terminal by default?!

However, connecting the neo to pc through USB cable works for me. I gave
the following command:

sudo ifconfig usb0 netmask

and then

ssh root at and it's worked for me.

I've noticed that if you are connected to a network that has different
addresses (your IP different from 192.168.0.*) the connection could not
work. So try to disconnect from the network (sudo ifconfig ethX down),
connect the neo to USB, wait a few seconds, type again the above command
and try again with ssh.

It worked for me. Hope this can help you.

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  Two months ago I bought the FR and installed the om2008.8 version
  without too much worry. This last week-end, after reading this list,
  decided to flash the om2008.12 version. So I downloaded the kernel
  the rootfs from here
  and then flashed it, no problem.

  Then I rebooted and pluged in the usb cable and tried to connect, no
  success. I can ping but not connect via ssh. I then
  tried to nmap
  the FR and the result was "all ports filtered".

  After reading the differents lists and forums, it seems that one must
  reboot a second time after flashing in order to get networking
  which i did, but still no sucess.

  Then I figured I should maybe activate dropbear from within the FR
  big surprise, there is no terminal!

  I finally decided to flash with the om2008.9 version, hoping that
  problems would vanish but no, still same problem.

  Now I don't know what to do more.

  Any ideas ?


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