om-manager 0.1.0 released

Ilja O. vrghost at
Mon Dec 22 15:11:10 CET 2008

> Uh, right.
> Three comments, after 10 seconds of use :
> - nice

Thanks! [grin]

> - detect user's homedir, instead of defaulting to /Users/ilya/Documents ?

Sorry, distro wrapper didn't erase plugin configs before er... creating
distribution. (I only use svn checkout, really). Its pointed to user's
'Documents' folder by default (home dir on my Debian box).

> - what about proposing links to distro / kernels downloads? With maybe
> download of rootfs/kernel from the app?

This cold be nice. Currently I'm fixing distro wrapping script and trying to
add windows executable to distributions. I'll add Your proposal to
Suggestion/Issue list ( ).
Hopefully I or someone else will have time to implement it [I am currently
considering about possibility of starting another om-related proect, now on
the phone itself]. You can join too, of course. [grin]
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