[SHR] how to restore default illume theme

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at gmx.net
Mon Dec 22 17:00:24 CET 2008

On Monday 22 December 2008 16:39:59 Nathan Kinkade wrote:
> 2008/12/22 Giorgio Marciano <ledzgio at writeme.com>:
> > How can i restore the default shr-illume theme? i've changed theme with a
> > new one and it doesn't work!
> >
> > thanks
> Wrench -> Look -> Theme -> select illume-shr doesn't do anything for you?

I've run into this also... The problem is that once the theme is changed 
illume doesn't start up any more... You have to reset the config manually. 

AFAIK you can just copy the theme you want (illume-shr.edj) to 
~/.e/e/themes/illume.edj. Illume will use this on next start. 

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