Stage of GTA03 development?

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On Wednesday 17 December 2008 02:36, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
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> you might want to read this:
> this killed an entire company - it ceased to exist. again. regardless of
> what you want - it makes no business sense to go parading around the next
> gen device before its ready to ship if you have an existing one. so you'll
> have to probably just sit and wait. :)

Totally true, except for the fact that it didn't happen...

Linked on that wikipedia page...

Regardless, there may well be a Reverse Osborne Effect as well, I bought a 
Freerunner, but right now I probably wouldn't buy one again, but wait for the 
GTA03. If there was a definitive statement telling me that would take at 
least an other year to get done I might just buy a GTA02.

And ofcourse there is the 'spend-money-only-once' syndrom, does it really 
matter if I buy a GTA02, or a GTA03 if I will never buy both anyway? People 
with plenty of money to spend on gadgets probably won't wait, people wo will 
wait probably won't by both anyway.

But than again, I know nothing about marketing...


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