[debian] LXDE?

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 19:04:27 CET 2008

Il 22/12/2008 15:06, arne anka ha scritto:
> someone recently suggested using LXDE instead of XFCE -- are there any
> experiences in regard to responsibility, memory requirements and
> functionality compared to XFCE?
> is it really more lightweight and faster? and does openmoko-panel-plugin
> work (ie is there a standard systray)?
Hello, yes I was.

I used on FR and according me run faster than XFCE (and use less 
memory). Yes, if I remember well it has systray support, and it contain 
panel and plugins like XFCE.
You can find it on Debian repository (apt-get install lxde). All 
configurations can be done via gui.

Please, if you try it, please report your impressions.

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