[debian] LXDE?

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 08:22:30 CET 2008

Il 23/12/2008 00:30, jos ha scritto:
> I also want to try LXDE but I don't no how to start it up.
> Can you help me please?
It is simple. First of all you must to have Debian installed.

Than you have to install lxde with the command:

apt-get install lxde

This command will install a metapackage that will install all the 
package needed to get lxde running.

Now you should be able to get it running with the command: startlxde4

To get it running automatically you can edit your .xsession:


(Ps. I am not very sure about the last step. If someone know better how to launch lxde please correct me).

Ps.2. I saw that lxde can be configure to appeare like XFCE. Nice.)

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