[2008.12] first impressions

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Tue Dec 23 13:27:07 CET 2008

July 18th I received my FR and haven't been able to use it as a daily phone
since that day. I have tried some distro's (including testing versions) and
also Qtopia, everyone had some major issues that prevented me from using
Basic gsm functionality: SMS, phone (receiving and calling), waking up from
suspend should work out of the box IMO.

2008.12 still isn't able to do the basic stuff reliable (after 3 days of

- Went into deep sleep and needed to remove my battery twice to be able to
use the phone again (Once after a game of Sudoku and once after trying out
- One shutdown after suspend. Needed to reboot (battery was a bit low)
- Sound quality of receiving phone calls is not very good IMO.
- Once phone call was disconnected (no low battery)
- When answering a call, it takes 1 or 2 seconds before the other side hears
- Keyboard is not very usable. Why should entering your sim pin be such a
hassle and don't even start about creating sms messages (haven't tried it

The good.

- No echo or buzz for me.
- Booting time is fine.
- wake up from suspend for sms messages and calls seem to work fine
- battery life is ok

The best thing from this release is that missing calls or sms messages
without warning didn't happen (yet?). For some this image might be good
enough, I'm not there yet. It feels slow and still unreliable, keyboard is a
known annoyance just as the muted state after answering a call.

But this is probably the first image I have ever used longer than 1 day...
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