New on screen Keyboard for Hackable1 and Debian written in Python

Davide Scaini dscaini at
Wed Dec 24 21:03:49 CET 2008

can you provide a screenshot? thanks!

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 8:44 PM, kris Occhipinti <metalx2000 at>wrote:

> Hello,
> I've created a new on screen keyboard for the Freerunner.
> I designed it for Hackable1.
> I tried to make it as finger friendly as possible and use as much screen
> space for buttons.
> I've only been working on it for one day but it's pretty usable.
> Like Hackable1, it's still a little ruff around the edges.
> Here is a link to the script
> you need to have xautomation installed (apt-get install xautomation)
> If can install xautomation on om2008 then this keyboard shouldl work on it
> aswell
> It's hard to describe my keyboard but I'll give it a try
> The keyboard is a 12 button keypad.
> Each character takes 2 keypresses.
> instead of the normal keypad like on your cellphone where you have to press
> each key 3 or 4 time
> to type one letter and then you end up passing the letter you want and have
> to hit the key 3 or 4 more times
> and you have to wait if 2 letter you want are on the same button.
> This keypad will change all 12 keys to the characters on the button you
> choose.
> there is a Space button on each key
> and if you hit the wrong key there is a blank button next to the space key
> to back out.
> keys are sent to a temp line before you add them to the final line (but any
> thing in the temp line when sending keys will be add)
> ---todo list---
> 1) backspace button
> 2) create list for drop combo box of last 25 or 50 things typed
> 3) make the sending of keys a little more efficient
> I would really love some feed back
> Like I said, it's still a little ruff around the edges.
> Kris
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