[debian/FSO/other?] some simple scripts I've developed

Josh Thompson om-comm at joshandbianca.net
Fri Dec 26 04:29:18 CET 2008

I've written a few scripts to help manage some things on my Freerunner.  I'm 
sharing them in case anyone else might find them useful to either use or just 
see as a reference for how to code something themselves.  One is a very 
simple IMAP mail reader program.  The rest are a set of scripts mainly 
written to provide a GUI interface to several command only type things. They 
also handle things like dimming the screen and powering on/off wifi. I 
initially started writing them on 2007.2 but updated most of it to work on 
debian which is what I use now.  More info about them can be found here along 
with download links:


Here are some things the collection of scripts can do:

-launcher tab to easily launch most common apps; it only lists apps that 
have "Main" as a category in the .desktop file
-wifi power on/off and ifup/ifdown eth0
-misc tab to do things like view battery status, change screen brightness, 
launch xkill, change usbmode, change screen orientation; really anything I 
need a button to do, I put here
-"lock" tab that is mostly blank (so nothing accidentally gets run) with a 
really small enable/disable lock button at the bottom; I've since switched to 
just having the desktop get displayed for my "lock" mode, but the 
enable/disable button still works


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