Need help to create a french illume keyboard

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at
Fri Dec 26 18:55:06 CET 2008

Hi all,

I am currently looking at keyboards layout in

The syntax seems simple :
key x  y  w  h
   normal   ' apostrophe
   shift    " quotedbl
   capslock ' apostrophe

But I cannot find any doc/blog/thread/keyboard with "composing features" 
in it.

I need to put "few" big keys (for fingers, not stylus).
I also need to write in French or Spanish so I need to easily write any 
combination of aeiou (respectively AEIOU) and ´`^¨ (and also Ñ ñ Ç ç...)

On my computers I usually use QWERTY keyboard with "US International", 
which gives powerful composing possibilities to the user, see :

Therefore I would like to create this kind of key :
key x  y  w  h
   normal   e "e"
   shift    E "E"
   diacritic1 é "é"
   diacritic2 è "è"
   diacritic3 ê "ê"
   shift+diacritic1 É "É"
   shift+diacritic2 È "È"
   shift+diacritic3 Ê "Ê"

I would like :
- to have 3 or 4 toggles that would modify the key layout and behaviour 
(like the weel-known shift key that e->E or E->e)
- or to have one super "shift" key with multiple states, which would 
cycle between 4 or 5 states, for example normal_keyboard, ´_keyboard, 
`_keyboard, ^_keyboard

Till now I have found shift and capslock, I would like to know how I can 
create new states and how I can combine them.

If it is not possible, maybe I can put X in us international but :
     setxbmap us_intl
can't work because setxkbmap does not seem to be packaged
And the problem with this solution is the lack of graphical stuff, the 
user will have to KNOW that ' is a composing key and that he has to type 
' + c to make a ç

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.
Xavier Cremaschi.

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