Damn... 8GB dead

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at cesarb.net
Sat Dec 27 14:38:58 CET 2008

Paul escreveu:
>>> Urgh. Somehow I managed to destroy my 8GB card...
>>> I wanted to try Hackable on it, but on the FR there's no mkfs.vfat, and 
>>> the Linux box won't recognise the card anymore except as a floppy-drive...
> I guess something's very sour with that card.

I do not know if it is the case, but I just saw an interesting message 
on linux-kernel from H. Peter Anvin:

 > I have seen flash cards die permanently from having a partition table it
 > didn't like written to it.  Yes, the microcontroller on the flash card
 > tried to interpret the partition table, assumed to be MS-DOS style, and
 > would crash.


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