Call for Illume keyboards and keyboard icons

Pander pander at
Sun Dec 28 17:14:00 CET 2008

On my laptop I use windows key as compose key for é et cetera. Would be
nice to have that also for external USB keyboard on FR. as for the Dutch
terminal virual keyboard I simply listed all characters with diacritisch
for my language. Fits really tight ;)

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> El día Sunday, December 28, 2008 a las 03:33:23AM +0100, Pander escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> I have done some hunter/gatherer work on keyboard icons as you can see here:
>> If someone could make some nice icons for Hebrew and Russian with
>> respectively ???????????? (this one reads from right to left!) and ???????????? with
>> the current icon/flag as a background, that would be wonderful.
>> New keyboards and other contributions and improvements are welcome.
> Hello,
> Is there a keyboard file like the 'Terminal' type one but with the
> Spanish tilde chars? On my normal laptop keyboard (running FreeBSD with
> KDE 3.5.8) I'm using the so called WINDOWS-key (which is normally as useless as
> the operating system with the same name) to shift, for example, the char
> 'a' to 'á', or 'n' to 'ñ' etc. Would be nice to have this as well on my
> FR;
> While thinking about to assemble this by my own, one question: the above
> Wiki page explains about the keyboard file:
> #key  x-coordinate  y-coordinate width-of-key height-of-key
> #columns:
> #state     symbol(shown on the key)    keysym(output of the key)
> key   0   0  30  30
>   normal   ` grave
>   shift    ~ asciitilde
>   capslock ` grave
> What  could I use for xxxx in this example:
>   normal   a a
>   shift    A A
>   capslock A A
>   xxxx     á aacute
> In my latop I do this with:
> xmodmap -e "keycode 0x73 =  Mode_switch"
> xmodmap -e "keycode 0x39 =  n N ntilde Ntilde"
> xmodmap -e "keycode 0x1a =  e E eacute Eacute"
> xmodmap -e "keycode 0x26 =  a A aacute Aacute"
> ...
> i.e. the WINDOWS key (0x73) is set to Mode_switch and so on.
> Thx
> 	matthias

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