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Mon Dec 29 12:27:25 CET 2008

Vasili Sviridov wrote:
> Not sure what has changed, but when I do dfu-util -l from both NOR and 
> NAND uBoot i get this
> Found Runtime [0x1d50:0x5119] devnum=3, cfg=0, intf=2, alt=0, name="USB 
> Device Firmware Upgrade"
> and thats the only line in there.
> So i'm currently not even able to update the bootloader (as i hoped 
> that'll allow me to see the rest of the partitions).
> Vasili

You can't even update?

That sounds pretty bad. If you get that from both NAN and NOR then you've
got problems. I was going to suggest that maybe you follow the " What if I
borked my bootloader environment and don't get a prompt anymore?"
instructions here:

but if you get that from both then... Are you still running uboot or did you
switch to the new thing?
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