How do you like to read a phone number?

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Mobiles: 04nn nnn nnn (mobiles all *seem* to be prefixed as 04 - may or
may not be true)
Local fixed: nnnn nnnn (I think some small country areas have smaller
number sets, but capitols have 8 digits)
Interstate fixed: (0n) nnnn nnnn

+ is usually only seen with international numbers.  e.g. 
+61 (9) nnnn nnnn is the same as "0011 61 9 nnnn nnnn"
(International call, Australia, Western Australia, local number)

Sometimes dashes are used (e.g., international companies adds), but
mostly you will see spaces used as separators.  Not really an issue,
except for using a "+" like you do will totally confuse people here ...

I think that if you try and implement a global one size suits everyone,
you can only separate numbers with spaces (say every 3 or 4 digits) - to
do anything more complicated you will need to look into
internationalisation (or possibly user selectable from a number of
choices) as everybodies ideas are different :(

Ive seen some discussions on the asterisk list about how telephone
numbers are allocated and designed across the world and its basicly an
anarchic nightmare :)

Try googling - there is enough detail to keep you happy for a long long
while ...


On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 13:00 +0100, Michele Renda wrote:
> Hello to all
> I would like to know how do you like to read the phone number:
> I try to explain: when we read a phone number we usually like to separe 
> it with some spaces or signs:
> for example in Italy when someone give me a mobile phone number I 
> usually write:
> +39 347 123456
> Or if it is a fixed number:
> +39 02 123456 or +39 011 123456
> But I know in USA is more common something like: +1-212-123456
> Please, who has some time, can you please write your country (Italy, 
> France, etc.) and the way how usually is normal to read a phone number 
> in your country (with international prefix)
> The format I use to descrive is this: +39 ### * or +1-###-* (where # 
> replace a char, and * replace all remaining chars)
> Thank you a lot for your time
> Michele Renda
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