How do you like to read a phone number?

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Mon Dec 29 13:39:29 CET 2008

Il 29/12/2008 13:26, Gora Mohanty ha scritto:
> It varies a bit in India, but one common format for landlines
> (typically 8 digits) is +91 XXX ABCD EFGH (the XXX is the area
> code, which is prefixed by a zero from within India, and can be
> upto 5 digits), e.g., +91 11 4277 0045 from outside India, and
> 011 4277 0045 from within India.
> Mobile numbers need no area code, and are 10 digits, typically
> written all together, e.g., +91 ABCDEFGHIJ.
Thank you for all the info.

Do you know a site where there is the list of prefix code in India?

Something similary to:

Thank you a lot for your time!
Michele Renda

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