How do you like to read a phone number?

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Mon Dec 29 13:54:59 CET 2008

Interesting one. Note that there is a lot of convention but not always
the optimal way. It is far more difficult to remember "837 12 463" than
"8371 2463" although you might be trained for two's and three's, four's
are better because you need less groups to remember.

In the Netherlands different scheme's exist but I would fo for the
following international notation:

  +316 1234 5678    for mobile numbers
  +3130 123 4567    for fixed numbers

and national notation:

  06 1234 5678      for mobile numbers
  030 123 4567      for fixed numbers

We used to have - where one should wait for a dail tone are the area
code, but that is obsolute now so should be omitted. Sometimes the two
formats get combined with like +31(0)6 1234 5678 but I would simply
educate people and go with the international formats. People will learn
how to use it and it looks better anyway.

Personally I put them like +31612345678 in my Thunderbird address book
for synchronisation with mobile addressbook. In this way nuymbers get
accepted by the phone to dail. But the above is a good presentation format.

So, when do we get a (Python) strftime variant called strfphone with
default output formats for each country? Anyone?



Michele Renda wrote:
> Hello to all
> I would like to know how do you like to read the phone number:
> I try to explain: when we read a phone number we usually like to separe 
> it with some spaces or signs:
> for example in Italy when someone give me a mobile phone number I 
> usually write:
> +39 347 123456
> Or if it is a fixed number:
> +39 02 123456 or +39 011 123456
> But I know in USA is more common something like: +1-212-123456
> Please, who has some time, can you please write your country (Italy, 
> France, etc.) and the way how usually is normal to read a phone number 
> in your country (with international prefix)
> The format I use to descrive is this: +39 ### * or +1-###-* (where # 
> replace a char, and * replace all remaining chars)
> Thank you a lot for your time
> Michele Renda
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