gsm0710muxd and OM 2008.12

Ed Kapitein ed at
Mon Dec 29 15:33:01 CET 2008

Hi Jan,

I had the same problem and found an even dirtier sollution ;-)
I found that sometimes gsm0710muxd will give an /dev/pts/X but you can
not use it, there is no response from the modem.
And sometimes even stopping gsm0710muxd and starting it again would not
so in order to have it working all the time i modified

just below 
export QTOPIA_PHONE_MUX=ficgta01

i added:
echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-pm-gsm.0/power_on
sleep 2
/etc/init.d/gsm0710muxd stop
sleep 2
killall -9 gsm0710muxd
sleep 2
echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-pm-gsm.0/power_on
sleep 2
/etc/init.d/gsm0710muxd start
sleep 2

identvar=$(date +%s)
ptsvar=$(dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call
--dest=org.pyneo.muxer /org/pyneo/Muxer
org.freesmartphone.GSM.MUX.AllocChannel string:$identvar | grep string |
awk -F '"' '{ print $2 }')

export QTOPIA_PHONE_DEVICE=$ptsvar

(the ptsvar line is one long line, it might be chopped up in the mail)
In my opinion, this will reset the modem no matter what.
and i removed gsm0710muxd from all run levels 
( update-rc.d -f gsm0710muxd remove )
I am using stock 2008.12, nothing from another repro.
So far this is working flawlessly for me.

Inspired by the [FSO/SHR/debian] SMS location app, i wrote some scripts
to check for an incomming SMS and send me the GPS location of my FR.
So i needed the gsm0710muxd to read the SMS, while still being able to
use the phone.

Kind regards,

On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 14:07 +0000, Jan Henkins wrote:
> Hello Eldon and Olivier,
> Eldon, I've been scratching my head on this very same issue.
> On Sun, December 28, 2008 08:31, Olivier Berger wrote:
> > Eldon Koyle <ekoyle at> writes:
> >
> >> I just spent a while tracking down an issue with 2008.12 and
> >> gsm0710muxd. I upgraded an FDOM image, so I'm not sure if anyone else
> >> will see this problem, but just in case I thought I'd send this to the
> >> list.
> >>
> >> 2008.12 was starting xserver-nodm before gsm0710muxd, so the dbus call
> >> added in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89qtopia started a separate gsm0710muxd
> >> process without any args before gsm0710muxd was started by init which
> >> caused gsm0710muxd to fail to work.
> >>
> >> A quick fix is to change xserver-nodm from S04 to S23 (gsm0710muxd is
> >> 22) or so in /etc/rc5.d .
> Hmm, a dirty fix, but something I will try out. I will let you know if it
> succeeded. BTW, I'm using the stock 2008.12 image with Illume (ASU *very*
> broken...).
> > Well... and would you mind to share with us the problem you're trying
> > to solve ? It's far from obvious what this gsm0710muxd may be doing,
> > and how it's missing ;)
> Olivier, it would seem to me that the issue is the following:
> xserver-nodm starts up before gsm0710muxd. The problem comes in that qpe
> needs to connect to a device, which is supposed to be created by
> gsm0710muxd. This is neccessary in order to multiplex gsm and gprs,
> otherwise you have an either/or situation (better to have both voice and
> gprs, at least it is for me! ;-) Now, qpe complains that it cannot find
> the device as configured in the 89qtopia file, and then dies. This is true
> even if you launch qpe with app-restarter like this:
> /usr/bin/app-restarter "$QTOPIA_MESSAGE" qpe 2>&1 | logger &
> Doing a dirty fix like Eldon suggested *might* help, I will try and
> confirm this on my FR.
> > Btw, did you file a ticket in the bug tracker ?
> It seems to be a bit more complicated than simply filing a ticket, since
> it is a strange situation to debug. To compound the issue, it would also
> seem that gsm0710muxd might be the faulty link in the chain, since I could
> not get it to work properly. Furthermore, I've been reading about random
> hassles with gsm0710muxd on a few blogs here a there, where it is
> reccommended to use the gsm0710muxd from the Angstrom repo instead of the
> 2008.x version. I found this to be a dicey route to follow, since
> everything in Angstrom is newer than 2008.12, and you will end up having
> to update just about the entire base due to dependencies. Ouch...
> Maybe somebody else have experienced the same issue with gsm0710muxd in
> 2008.12? Please let us know. If we can get parity on actual version
> numbers and replicate the problem between two or more people, we can then
> file a bug with some proper debugging material for the OM guys to sink
> their teeth into.
> Speaking for myself, I would like to get this issue resolved so that I can
> start using the FR gps properly (I'm mapping out my village for
>, and would like to upload saved tracks while I visually
> track myself in the process).

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