gsm0710muxd and OM 2008.12

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at
Mon Dec 29 16:38:50 CET 2008

I had a few problems with that myself, but they ended when I simply  
removed all gsm0710muxd links from /etc/rc*.d/.
I think it gets launched on demand when you call it via dbus... and so  
the 89qtopia line does the trick.
If you let it launch via 2 different ways at the same time, there  
seems to be a race for modem control and QPE ends up loosing the battle.
This is working for me.

Citando Ed Kapitein <ed at>:

> Hi Jan,
> I had the same problem and found an even dirtier sollution ;-)
> I found that sometimes gsm0710muxd will give an /dev/pts/X but you can
> not use it, there is no response from the modem.
> And sometimes even stopping gsm0710muxd and starting it again would not
> help.
> so in order to have it working all the time i modified
> /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89qtopia
> just below
> export QTOPIA_PHONE_MUX=ficgta01
> i added:
> #-------------------------------------------------------
> echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-pm-gsm.0/power_on
> sleep 2
> /etc/init.d/gsm0710muxd stop
> sleep 2
> killall -9 gsm0710muxd
> sleep 2
> echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-pm-gsm.0/power_on
> sleep 2
> /etc/init.d/gsm0710muxd start
> sleep 2
> identvar=$(date +%s)
> ptsvar=$(dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call
> --dest=org.pyneo.muxer /org/pyneo/Muxer
> org.freesmartphone.GSM.MUX.AllocChannel string:$identvar | grep string |
> awk -F '"' '{ print $2 }')
> export QTOPIA_PHONE_DEVICE=$ptsvar
> #-------------------------------------------------------
> (the ptsvar line is one long line, it might be chopped up in the mail)
> In my opinion, this will reset the modem no matter what.
> and i removed gsm0710muxd from all run levels
> ( update-rc.d -f gsm0710muxd remove )
> I am using stock 2008.12, nothing from another repro.
> So far this is working flawlessly for me.
> Inspired by the [FSO/SHR/debian] SMS location app, i wrote some scripts
> to check for an incomming SMS and send me the GPS location of my FR.
> So i needed the gsm0710muxd to read the SMS, while still being able to
> use the phone.
> Kind regards,
> Ed
> On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 14:07 +0000, Jan Henkins wrote:
>> Hello Eldon and Olivier,
>> Eldon, I've been scratching my head on this very same issue.
>> On Sun, December 28, 2008 08:31, Olivier Berger wrote:
>> > Eldon Koyle <ekoyle at> writes:
>> >
>> >> I just spent a while tracking down an issue with 2008.12 and
>> >> gsm0710muxd. I upgraded an FDOM image, so I'm not sure if anyone else
>> >> will see this problem, but just in case I thought I'd send this to the
>> >> list.
>> >>
>> >> 2008.12 was starting xserver-nodm before gsm0710muxd, so the dbus call
>> >> added in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89qtopia started a separate gsm0710muxd
>> >> process without any args before gsm0710muxd was started by init which
>> >> caused gsm0710muxd to fail to work.
>> >>
>> >> A quick fix is to change xserver-nodm from S04 to S23 (gsm0710muxd is
>> >> 22) or so in /etc/rc5.d .
>> Hmm, a dirty fix, but something I will try out. I will let you know if it
>> succeeded. BTW, I'm using the stock 2008.12 image with Illume (ASU *very*
>> broken...).
>> > Well... and would you mind to share with us the problem you're trying
>> > to solve ? It's far from obvious what this gsm0710muxd may be doing,
>> > and how it's missing ;)
>> Olivier, it would seem to me that the issue is the following:
>> xserver-nodm starts up before gsm0710muxd. The problem comes in that qpe
>> needs to connect to a device, which is supposed to be created by
>> gsm0710muxd. This is neccessary in order to multiplex gsm and gprs,
>> otherwise you have an either/or situation (better to have both voice and
>> gprs, at least it is for me! ;-) Now, qpe complains that it cannot find
>> the device as configured in the 89qtopia file, and then dies. This is true
>> even if you launch qpe with app-restarter like this:
>> /usr/bin/app-restarter "$QTOPIA_MESSAGE" qpe 2>&1 | logger &
>> Doing a dirty fix like Eldon suggested *might* help, I will try and
>> confirm this on my FR.
>> > Btw, did you file a ticket in the bug tracker ?
>> It seems to be a bit more complicated than simply filing a ticket, since
>> it is a strange situation to debug. To compound the issue, it would also
>> seem that gsm0710muxd might be the faulty link in the chain, since I could
>> not get it to work properly. Furthermore, I've been reading about random
>> hassles with gsm0710muxd on a few blogs here a there, where it is
>> reccommended to use the gsm0710muxd from the Angstrom repo instead of the
>> 2008.x version. I found this to be a dicey route to follow, since
>> everything in Angstrom is newer than 2008.12, and you will end up having
>> to update just about the entire base due to dependencies. Ouch...
>> Maybe somebody else have experienced the same issue with gsm0710muxd in
>> 2008.12? Please let us know. If we can get parity on actual version
>> numbers and replicate the problem between two or more people, we can then
>> file a bug with some proper debugging material for the OM guys to sink
>> their teeth into.
>> Speaking for myself, I would like to get this issue resolved so that I can
>> start using the FR gps properly (I'm mapping out my village for
>>, and would like to upload saved tracks while I visually
>> track myself in the process).
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