How do you like to read a phone number?

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Mon Dec 29 16:46:15 CET 2008

George Brooke wrote:
> On Monday 29 December 2008 14:16:15 Carsten Haitzler wrote:
>> 1234 5678 (call from the 02 area code - i.e. NSW only)
> I may be wrong but (at least in UK) you don't need to worry about the
> local 
> version of the number as mobiles need the full version with area code.

You're not wrong. I can't remember the last time I dialled a number without
an area code, even when I've been in the same area.

And yes, I'm pretty sure mobiles need the area code regardless.

One thing that's been missing on a few phones (but is now fixed on others)
that is useful is the ability to treat (where As are area code :

0AAAA ######


+44AAAA ######

As the same number, when things like lookups occur, so that if you've
entered someone's number in National format, but the network reports it to
your phone in international format, it behaves the same.

Similarly with dialling, whether I enter the number in national or
international format it ought to use the full international number under the
covers, so I don't get stuck re-entering numbers when I'm on holiday.
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