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Mon Dec 29 18:10:30 CET 2008

Well, if you can get sensible stuff out of u-boot then I suggest using the
devirginator thing on the link I sent earlier to repare the uboot
environmen. Then you should get back to a useful state.

I used it to tweak the kernel partition size on the internal flash, so if
(as I think you said before) you've got messed up partitions on the internal
memory then it could well be the uboot environment that needs fixing.

Can't hurt anyway, I wouldn't have thought. If the partition stuff is messed
up then this should fix it and allow you to reflash with images as normal.

Should fix your menu too, I also used it to fix the stuff that had been
altered by the debian set up script.


Apologies if this gets to the list twice, my first attempt doesn't seem to
have got through properly.

Vasili Sviridov wrote:
> Well, here's the situation.
> I can power up into NAND or NOR uBoot. Option to boot from SD is 
> available to me. If i do "screen /dev/ttyACM0" on the host machine I get 
> the bootloader command prompt and can run those commands (e.g. i can see 
> the partition lists for both NOR and NAND).
> So it's not a full brick yet. However after several previous reflash 
> attempts i'm pretty sure that Android installation is corrupted, as I 
> can no longer boot into it.
> There's still a possibility of booting from SD card into a regular moko 
> environment (one of) and maybe flashing from there... At least I hope 
> that it will work.
> If not - i'll be looking for a person with a debug board in Vancouver :D
> Vasili.

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