GTA03. I hope the QVGA video is fixed in this one

Michael michael at
Mon Dec 29 20:09:57 CET 2008

From day one the GTA01 has had a problem with its QVGA video and it 
does not seem as if many people are interested in it. The GTA02 seems 
to have the same problem and this makes me think it is hardware 
So I am hoping that the GTA03 will have this sorted out so that we can 
enjoy some QVGA video goodness and show the other phones how it should 
be done. I have avoided showing any videos on my GTA01 to other people 
because they would ignore the 25fps and complain about the colours.
Here are some blurry captures of how the videos play on my GTA01:-

Here are the clips converted for the NEO if anyone wants to try them 
out. If you play them normally you will notice that they are very dark. 
This had to be done so that they would look ok in QVGA mode.

I have also filed a bug report and it is here:-

Lets hope fixed QVGA is a new years resolution.

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