[Debian] Problem with qi and sd-card

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Mon Dec 29 22:03:21 CET 2008

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Hi,
> Fox Mulder <Quakeman1 at gmx.net> writes:
>> And another thing is that i don't know how to switch to nand booting
>> when powerup my freerunner. At the moment i only use debian from
>> sd-card, but for testing purpose i have 2008.12 installed on nand. But
>> now with qi i can't boot from nand as long as i have my sd-card put it.
>> I think i read somewhere that it is possible to skip a boot partition in
>> qi but i can't find it anymore. :/
> Press AUX while you see the red LED (first time). FR will vibrate to
> indicate it skips this boot possibility and will switch to the next
> one.

After i power up with the POWER button the red led flashes shortly and
it vibrated one short time without any interaction from my side. Maybe
this comes from the fact that my first bootable partition is the second
one on sd-card. But when i press the AUX button the red led flashes
again but it didn't vibrate and still boots from sd-card.

Is there any specific time frame in which i have to press the AUX button?

And is there any better documentation to the possible qi functions than
in the wiki because it lacks for example the whole AUX button functionality?

Radek Polak wrote:
> You can still boot from NOR. Power off your phone. Press and hold AUX
> button, then press POWER button. You will get to u-boot in NOR which
> can boot your 2008.12.

Your are right, this is still possible and i totally forgot about this
option. But it would be nice if i could do this with the same bootloader
(qi). :)


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