How do you like to read a phone number?

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Tue Dec 30 09:26:56 CET 2008

Il 30/12/2008 04:30, William Kenworthy ha scritto:
> A question: if you always dial a local number with the international and
> STD prefixes (which is what I think you are suggesting here) - under
> what regime will you get charged???
> As a local call, or an international call?
> Could get *VERY* expensive :)
> BillK

If think the phone company are enought intelligent to undestrand how to 
carge you.

For example: I live in Italy (+39)

I can call 333 123456 or +39 333 123456 and the price is the same. Or, 
bettter, when I receive a call and I save the number on phoneboot it 
arrive as +39 333 123456.

I hope this is valid in other countries too!

Michele Renda

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