How do you like to read a phone number? (India users)

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Tue Dec 30 12:44:24 CET 2008

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> Il 29/12/2008 13:45, Carl Lobo ha scritto:
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> > Seems to be accurate from first glance.
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> Hello to all Indian Openmoko Users,
> I am preparing the Indian dialplan: I have some (for you) stupid question:
> 1) All your mobile phone number usually start witt 
> (092/093/092/097/098/099) so your international phone number start with 
> (+9192 / +9193/ etc.) ?

That is not a complete list. I know for sure that there are
at least 94 numbers.

> 2) In the provided pdf file there are only mobile phone number. There 
> are some city name. What it mean? Is the city where the sim is sold? :)

Are you referring to the two-letter entries like MP, AS, etc.?
These correspond roughly to states, not cities, and probably
do refer to the state where the SIM was bought, which is usually
well-correlated to the state that the user resides in. There is
a table naming the states on page 4. I am also not sure how
reliable these are.

> 3) In the same pdf I saw:
> that seem to don't have any prefix. Is correct?

The above are telecom. operators, so presumably they have been
allocated some prefixes that are either not tied to a locality,
or have not yet been put into use.


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