Mis-reporting: OpenMoko switching to Android (?!?)

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:19:58 CET 2008

OpenMoko's Android-running Neo FreeRunner makes its blurrycam debut


(or if you're too lazy to unwrap the url and prefer just clicking on a 
pretty link in the message: http://tinyurl.com/9pcrda )

Dunno where people come up with this nonsense but I guess a press-release 
or something would be nice.  (Since it's silly to write a press-release 
saying "we're not switching to Android", maybe issue one talking about 
the latest stack release and the plans for the next few?)

Just to be clear: nothing against the people working on the Android 
port.  I'd never use it, but choice is good for the platform :-)

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