Navit speech dispatcher and ß

Gilles Casse list at
Wed Dec 31 08:54:09 CET 2008

Michael Tansella wrote:
> does anybody know how to configure speech dispatcher.
> I use it the following way:
> spd-say -l de '%s'
> The only problem I have is that it cannot say the german letter ?
> it always pronounces it "EsZett" instead of  "s"
> In Navit that's a big problem because the german word for" street" is 
> "Stra?e"

This is related to missing locales and so espeak can't work as expected.
The issue can also be reproduced in calling directly espeak, e.g.:
espeak -v de "$(cat strasse-utf8.txt)"

The issue can be fixed if e.g. the  /usr/lib/locale/en_US.utf8/LC_CTYPE 
is added.
Here for the test, I just copied my LC_CTYPE file from my desktop to my 
OM2008.8 rootfs, but the clean way might be to install the correct package.


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